An Office



You are interns starting your first day at a quirky Northeastern branch of a mid-sized paper company. A very special award has gone missing. Find the lost trophy and you might just be promoted to the next Regional Manag- I mean, ASSISTANT to the Regional Manager.



You have entered a small Midwestern town in 1984. Strange things have been happening here. With the help of a mysterious girl, you’ll need to test your paranormal powers to stop evil from entering a portal and destroying our world.


Difficulty: 3/5

up to 10 players

Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant holds the power to win the war. An undercover agent has infiltrated the German camp and needs your help to find the Ark before the Nazis. You’ll need more than an archaeological background to complete this mission and find fortune and glory! Will you be able to locate the Ark and Escape this iconic adventure in time?

Difficulty: 2/5

up to 10 players


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